Whether curating the music for his Øbskure imprint and podcast series or serving up his own sounds as a DJ and producer, Brighton (UK) based Stephan Montano likes to keep it deep and hypnotic, forcing you to move in the process. He displays a “less is more” attitude and adherence to minimalism, always keeping the techno tough, tight and rhythmic.

Stephan has been quietly assembling a monster of a podcast series through Øbskure as well as producing a monthly live video stream featuring some of his favourite DJs as guests. Club events are also in the offing with events in intimate venues the order of the day.

The culmination of all these channels is the Øbskure label itself, a digitally distributed label which has started to showcase a range of techno and electronic sounds from all over the world. Stephan also uses this as a way to release his own music which he arrives at through a combination of influences and experimentation. The idea is to always keep moving forward, never get comfortable and keep the styles as broad as possible, all within a quality techno remit.

Stephan Montano is available for bookings as DJ, producer or remixer and can be found at: Bookings.obr@gmail.com